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Gulf Southern Construction Company brings commercial and residential design visions to fruition

Amidst ocean breezes, waving fronds, and characteristic Conch architecture, David Steinmeyer, president and partner of Gulf Southern Construction Company (GSCC), can be found leading a team as warm and welcoming as the Florida sun. With expertise ranging from planning and development to complete construction, GSCC’s craftspeople emphasize excellence from the moment ground is broken.

“We can do almost anything in-house,” says Steinmeyer. “If we don’t like the way a wall looks, I’ll have my own finishers come in and reskim it. If the trim isn’t working, we change it ourselves.”

Three recent projects — including Habana Cabana and Margaritaville Beach House resorts as well as residential project Key Haven Estates—display a beautiful balance of tropical artistry and careful funcionality, especially important in a region with rising tides and a higher salinity level than even Miami. This attentiveness extends to client relationships, ensuring no miscommunication happens down the line.

“GSCC is where integrity and performance meet,” says Charlie Crawford, partner at GSCC. Retired from the Navy and former regional president of LVI, he spent six years as lead superintendent of the Pentagon renovation after 9/11 and brings over 40 years of experience in the construction industry.

“Charlie exceeds the standards of excellence in construction,” notes Steinmeyer.

After transporting his organization from Louisiana to Key West in 2017, Steinmeyer embraced the intimate island atmosphere.

For one local, 77-year-old Alelia Butler, whose house burned down, GSCC worked alongside the fire department and other community members to rebuild her home from the ground up. The finishing touch? A Christmas tree placed in her living room, just in time for the holidays.

“I’ll never forget the look on her face when she was handed the keys,” he says. “Witnessing people’s pride when they see our creation is a great feeling.”

Architectural Digest
Architectural Digest

1. A home in Key Haven Estates boasts a contemporary design with touches of classic Key West architecture. 2. Another residence includes two front porches for afternoons taking in the warm South Florida climate. 3. In the lobby of the Margaritaville Beach House, exposed trusses reveal superior craftsmanship and enhance the refined beach bungalow aesthetic. 4. GSCC’s work on Havana Cabana melds Cuban influences with Floridian vegetation and features KeyWest’s largest pool. 5. A nighttime view of this residence showcases the pool’s built-in lighting system and the home’s symmetrical architecture.

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